TPMS Mechanical Tool Kit

Part Number WRTMT104

Service the Sensors!

TPMS Mechanical Tool Kit

Protect the TPMS Sensor by changing the wear items! The Rubber Manufacturer’s Association recommends changing the Grommet, Valve Core, Retaining Nut and Dust Cap every time the tire is removed from the wheel.

This regular maintenance prevents leaks and failures, and limits corrosion.

To properly service TPMS Sensors, you need the right tools for the job. The Bartec MT104 is the tool kit for the job!

Included in this kit are the necessary tools to quickly and effectively remove, service and install TPMS sensors and the wear components. Neatly fitted into a blow molded carry case, the Bartec TPMS Tool kit will help take care of the consumer’s TPMS!

Sensor Diagram

TPMS Mechanical Tool Kit Components

TPMS Mechanical Tool Kit