TPMS Tool Comparison Chart

      TECH300SD TECH300SD with ODB Kit Tech400SD Tech500
Feature Benefit   TECH300SD  TECH300SD
with ODB Kit
Sensor Activation Determines whether sensor is functioning and allows capture the sensor ID  
Universal Sensor Coverage Coverage of all known TPMS sensors
[with LF Activation]
Future Proof Updated through software - hardware designed for future technology  
Audit Mode Print out sensor data for customer reports  
Advanced Audit Mode Print out sensor AND Vehicle communication data and diagnostics    
Advanced Audit Data on Screen Tool displays additional sensor and TPMS data like modes and DTCS      
Controlled LF Limits cross talk by applying the correct type LF and the proper power level  
Sensor Decoding Detects and decodes true TPMS signals and not fooled by key fob transmissions  
Sold as a complete kit Kit includes tool, cables, product video, magnet, and user guides - all in a plastic case  
Mode Changing Ability Change sensor modes and enable sensor function for proper fitment  
Large Display Easier to read in low light conditions      
On-board relearn procedure Puts the vehicle relearn procedure right in the palm of your hand - do not have to look it up      
Multi Lingual Menu Choose menu language from English, French or Spanish  
Tool Part Number Reference Selectable Sensor Part number look up  
OBD Relearn Capable Perform TPMS Sensor relearns through the OBDII connection on most vehicles    
Tool Update using  a PC Tool can be updated using a PC and connected to the internet  
Tool Update with SD Card Can update software without a PC connection  
Removable Battery Operator can replace rechargeable battery when its useful life has expired      
Rechargable Battery Always have your tool ready to use  
Make Model Year Lookup Drill down to specific vehicle application and expected sensor for advanced diagnostics  
RKE Testing Check the function of the key fob and which frequency is being transmitted  
Display PSI on Screen Easy to find for improved diagnostics      
Integrated OBD Function OBD Function inside tool means a more robust OBD cable/connector      
High Capacity Battery 2000 Activations means longer using cycle between charges      
WiFi and Blue Tooth Fast performance for Winter Tire season and peak activity. Auto capture f audit data.        
EZ-sensor rogramming Set protocol and sensor ID of the programmable sensor programming Set protocol and sensor ID of programmable sensor      
Redi-sensor Reads and discriminates multi-protocol sensor accurately  
Stores audit data Stores the audit data from multiple repairs on the tool      
TSB's Technical Service Bulletins on the tool      
Sensor Information Sensor and vehicle information on the tool      


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