TPMS Tool Comparison Chart

    TECH500 TECH400SD TECH200
Features and Functions   TECH500 TECH400SD TECH200
Made in the U.K. / Assembled in the U.S.A.  
Make-Model-Year Setup  
Activates all known TPMS Sensors  
Visual Tool Repsonse  
Audible Tool Response  
Decodes sensor Frequency, ID, Battery State and Pressure  
Test Before Touch® TPMS Sensor Report  
TPMS Desktop® included  
Current MY 2014 coverage  
Internal Rechargeable Battery  
Triggers known Multi-Application Sensors  
Triggers known OE Sensors  
Triggers known Aftermarket Sensors  
Programs Universal Aftermarket Sensors  
Limited One Year Warranty  
Supports all active TPMS frequencies  
Large Backlit Display    
On screen Vehicle TPMS Data    
7 Button Raised Key Pad    
Process Driven Menu System®    
Multi-Lingual Menu Configuration    
Displays Tire Pressure by Location    
TPMS Relearns on the tool    
TIA® TPMS Inside    
OBDII Relearn Capable    
Comprehensive TPMS Audit Report    
Advanced DTC detection and display    
TPMS ID Read Out through OBDII    
Actual vs Vehicle Stored Sensor Positioning    
Stores vehicle records on tool for quick look up    
Removable Media [SD CARD] for tool updating    
TPMS Supplier Part Number Look up    
Standard RKE [FOB] Testing    
UHF Signal Interfence Tester    
Wireless Audit Data transfer to TPMS Desktop®    
Bluetooth capable    
Haptic [vibration] Tool Response      
Wi-Fi capable      
Inductive [wireless] charging      
Passive RKE System [FOB] Testing