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TDG50 Tread Depth Gauge

TDG50 Tread Depth Gauge

Part Number: TDG50

From the OE assembly plant to the local tire shop, Bartec USA is your TPMS one stop shop.

The TDG50 Digital Tread Depth Gauge is our entry level tire shop tool. Features include a large LCD display with a range of 0-1 1/32 inches, zero reset at any position, units in mm or 32nds with a manual "Off" and "On".

The tool will require a 389/390 watch/coin battery (not included) and comes with operating specifications including a digital tread depth gauge range of measurement 0-25mm, a resolution of .01mm and a working temperature range of 0-40°C. Insert battery (positive side up). Switch on and select units. Place the base of the tool on a flat surface and press the depth bar until it stops.

TDG50 Tread Depth Gauge Features

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