TPMS Tools - Return on Investment Analysis

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems are here and for the foreseeable future, so are the tools necessary to effectively service them. Right now, automotive service centers nationwide are making the choice to either make TPMS a profit center and provide their customers with maximum service and support, or not!

In the aftermarket, TPMS presents certain challenges. Some vehicle manufactures have made the TPMS re-learn process more complex by requiring a scan tool (plugged into the OBD). What’s more, in addition to a scan tool, (in most cases) you also need a TPMS trigger (activation) tool to complete the process.

So, how do you repair a vehicle such as a Toyota or Nissan? In the aftermarket you do have some choices. You can send your customer away, you can do as much of the work as possible, then pay for TPMS service (on behalf of the customer) at the dealer, or you can use the TECH400.

ROI Case StudyOur survey for TPMS Tools ROI

Bartec USA conducted a survey of OE dealerships nationwide to find out what TPMS service charges are. We used the following scenarios to determine what a dealer would charge an Independent Service Facility (ISF) to repair, replace or re-learn a vehicle that had been worked on by the ISF.

  • Scenario 1 Sensor broken by service facility, replaced by service facility, sensor ID re-learned at the OE Dealer.
  • Scenario 2 New set of wheels and sensors installed by service facility, sensor ID re-learned at the OE Dealer.
  • Scenario 3 Tire rotation by service facility, new positions re-learned by OE dealer.

Single Wheel







Vehicle – min. 4 wheels







TPMS Vehicles Serviced Per Month

(as per the example)

Potential Annual

Profit Saved

Potential Monthly





4 (1 per week)



20 (1 per day)



32 (8 per week)



It is also important to note, this study was looking solely at the repair process. If the repair facility does not stock replacement sensors, their costs are even higher!

ROI Case Study

While it is difficult to place an exact dollar value on customer satisfaction, we can compute the costs of paying an OE dealer to finish (or repair) the TPMS service started by the ISF. Based on daily direct communication with Independent Service Facilities, Bartec USA estimates that a moderately busy ISF could experience 30-50 TPMS vehicles per month. If 3 of these service jobs per month had to be sent to a dealer for re-learn or repair (paid by the ISF), their potential cost would be $135 to $645.24 per month.

A more accurate example would be on a Toyota Camry. Let's assume an independent Tire Dealer fits a 2009 Camry with four new wheels, tires and TPMS sensors. The tire dealer would have to spend an average of $215.08 to have those new wheels programmed into the control module not to mention driving the car to the OE dealer to have the work done. This is lost margin! However, if the Tire Dealer has a TECH400 Plus, the work is done quickly and accurately at THEIR SHOP and his customer is satisfied.

Why is Bartec USA the leading authority on TPMS?

Based on this example and the fact that the TECH400 Plus helps you protect profit margin, we can offer the following ROI model.

MSRP for TECH400 $2,699.95
Annual Update Zero - first year
$349.00 per year afterwards

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