Vehicle TPMS look-up


24 January 2024

I have been a customer for over 15 years so that makes me a fan over time. The Tech600Pro is great and the sensors have worked out with no problems.


16 January 2024

The TPMS tools and sensors are wonderful and work great keeping a full audit trail and issues. We hope you keep up the great job on current and future Bartec TPMS products.


03 January 2024

We think the Tech600Pro tool is the optimum TPMS tool and is great to use. We upgraded from the old Tech400SD, found it a little difficult at first, but after a couple times of using it we saw its real potential. Very nice!


22 December 2023

We really like the sensors and the tools as a combined offering. Having the same company provide both items and the service makes everything a complete package for us.


08 December 2023

The Tech600Pro has been our best investment for TPMS management, the tool is great, reads and programs quickly, easy to use.


27 November 2023

The Tech600Pro in our opinion is the best TPMS tool on the market. We came out with fast reading, fast programming and easy to use. There are no issues, it is just the best product. The sensors are great with no issue at all and we like how they program a


18 November 2023

We are impressed with the Tech600Pro tool and sensors which are very easy to work with. The TPMS sensors program very quickly and we will be keeping Bartec sensors in house.


17 October 2023

We really like the tools and sensors having two Tech600Pro and 2 Tech400Pro TPMS Tools. This is across 11 bays and we are very busy and may need more as the tire fitters are using the TPMS tools all day.


10 October 2023

Bartec Tech600PRO is the best. It is so easy to use, reads quickly and programs fast. I wish I had this tool two years ago.