TPMS Tools

Bartec TPMS Tools are in use by the world’s most prominent wheel and tire service companies. At Bartec USA, our goal is to continue to deliver more market first technology and innovation while helping our customers OWN THE WHEEL WELL! Introducing the Next Generation in TPMS Service, the Tech600Pro!

The Tech600Pro is Bartec’s latest TPMS Tool innovation! High-Tech meets affordable in this fast and accurate TPMS solution!

  • Wireless Vehicle Connection
  • High resolution color display
  • Wi-Fi Updating

North America’s most popular TPMS Tool! The Tech450Pro has been the industry workhorse!

  • Works with all known OE TPMS Sensors
  • Performs Stationary and OBD Relearns
  • Comprehensive TPMS Audit Report tells your customer what they need to know

The newest TPMS innovation from Bartec is the TechRitePro!

  • 8” High Resolution Color Display
  • 2.3Ah LiPo Battery
  • Dimensions: 8” tall x 4” wide x 1.5” deep

The industry’s first ALL-IN-ONE tire inspection tool, combining the testing and measurement of tread depth, TPMS and tire pressure in a single, easy-to-operate tool.

  • This rugged tool measures the tire in three places
  • High-res display shows critical inspection information
  • Detachable air chuck and hose, included with the tool
Tech450Pro/Rite-Sensor® Bundle
Tech600Pro/Rite-Sensor® Bundle

A Combination Style Tool is key Not just any tool, but one that is capable of diagnostics and vehicle re-learning and clearing DTC’s. It is impossible to properly service TPMS and keep vehicles OPERATIVE without a combination style TPMS tool!

  • Works with all known OE TPMS Sensors
  • Provides Test Before Touch diagnostics
  • Comprehensive TPMS Audit Report tells your customer what they need to know

The best TPMS tools, software, sensors and support available for the USA and Canada. Bartec USA is at the forefront of TPMS service and innovation.

  • Software updates for Make, Model and Year (MMY)
  • User Interface updates for Bartec TPMS tools
  • Presenting TPMS data to your customers

Ongoing support information for TPMS tools that are no longer supplied. We have sold many thousands of TPMS tools over the years.

  • Tech300Pro TPMS Tool support
  • Tech500 TPMS Tool support
  • Tech400SD TPMS Tool support

Bartec are leaders in the US & Canada with a wide distribution network covering all 50 states ensuring that you have TPMS training nearby.

  • OE support and on the ground assistance to TPMS Tools
  • On average we have 4 authorized dealers in each state
  • Online tutorials and the provision of training and user support

A wide range of TPMS accessories to make your tire shop servicing and customer satisfaction process the best available.

  • Wall Mounted Charging Cradle
  • Bluetooth Printer Kit
  • Programming Fixture for Contact Sensors

The Certified Automotive Tire Service (ATS) is designed for the professional passenger and light truck tire technician with subjects.

  • TPMS relearn procedures on domestic and import vehicles
  • 15 Modules that make up the Certified Automotive Tire Service (ATS) Program
  • Certifying ATS Instructors and Technicians in the field

Frequently Asked TPMS Tools Questions

A TPMS Tool is a device by which a skilled automotive repair technician can diagnose and repair vehicles that have a faulty Tire Pressure Monitoring System [TPMS]. The TPMS Tool can activate and detect TPMS Sensors, communicate with the vehicle’s onboard computer system and direct the actions of the necessary service.