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Rite-Sensor® TPMS Sensor


From the OE Factory to the local Tire Shop, Bartec products are the industry's best! It is Bartec's OE roots that helped us create our latest innovation, the Rite-Sensor®!

The Rite-Sensor® is Bartec's single SKU, multi-frequency programmable sensor. It offers 98% vehicle coverage while remaining easy to use. Simply program the sensor with one of the Bartec TPMS tools pictured below. The tool guides you through the process, step-by-step.

You can program the Rite-Sensor® before or after installation.

Rite-Sensor® TPMS Sensor Features

Don't Forget

To get the most from your new TPMS tool, register your tool, download the TPMS Desktop app and update your TPMS tool.


The RITE-SENSOR® comes assembled with a rubber valve stem. In some cases the aluminum valve stem is required or needed. First remove the rubber valve stem by unscrewing the fastener. Insert the aluminum stem into the sensor. Insert the anti-rotation pin into the hole at the base of the stem, just above the sensor body. Insert NEW fastener into stem and torque to 35.5 in-lbs (4Nm).

RiteSensor Assembly
RiteSensor Programming

The RITE-SENSOR® needs to be programmed BEFORE use. To program the RITE-SENSOR® according to specific year, make and model being serviced, follow the instructions on your Bartec Tech600Pro, Tech550Pro, TechRITEPro, Tech450Pro, Tech400Pro, Tech300Pro or Tech500 TPMS service tool. It is important to know the precise application information to accurately program your RITE-SENSOR®.

Rite-Sensor® TPMS Sensor Support