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The complete range of Bartec USA TPMS ToolsTPMS Tools

Bartec has a range of TPMS Tool designed to meet the requirements for diagnosing TPMS problems thereby limiting liability before repairing them.

TPMS Tool DistributorsAuthorized Distributors

Bartec has a dealer in every state allowing for complete coverage of all Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems across all makes including US & Japanese.

TPMS VideosTPMS Videos

Our videos offer both products information and user guide tutorials for TPMS Tool usage. Our channel is updated each month with new TPMS material.

TPMS Knowledge BaseTPMS Knowledge Base

What is a Tire Pressure Monitoring System? - Why is there a need for Tire Pressure Monitoring? These questions and many more answered in this section.

Register Your TPMS ToolRegister Your TPMS Tool

Logon to our website and register your TPMS Tool. The capability to upgrade the software on your TPMS tool is vital. Market leading coverage every day.

TPMS Car Plant ToolsTPMS Car Plant Tools

Bartec USA have a range of TPMS Test Antennas and Tools designed for different stages of the wheel and tire assembly line.

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Bartec USA

Bartec USA provide a range of TPMS Tools, advice, products, services & support for application within automobile servicing and Tire Pressure Monitoring System maintenance. Bartec USA are world leaders in TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems).

More than just TPMS Tools

We have installed TPMS read and test systems in over seventy plants for the world's car manufacturers since 1998.

This OE plant work is the reason our Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) dealer tools are always more up to date than our competitors and our technology is always ahead of the market.

Because Bartec sets the ECU (Engine Control Unit) up and subsequently tests them in the plant, we have the most up to date technology in the aftermarket with our range of aftermarket TPMS Tools.

The TPMS Tools can be easily reprogrammed and updated through this website and you can get TPMS Tools which work with model year 2013/2014 TPMS sensors now.