Vehicle TPMS look-up

Software Version Release R67.0/R7.0 Now Available

April 15, 2024

Tool Software Release R67.0/R7.0 adds loads of model year 2024 coverage, more OBD-II coverage and increases placard programming capacity. Bartec TPMS is consistently making our tools better and more valuable with each software release. Once again Bartec TPMS is committed to delivering the first to market features and coverage. As a result, our TPMS tools grow in value with each software update. This update is no different, making Bartec TPMS the TRUSTED BRAND IN TPMS!

Software Version Release R67.0/R7.0 Now Available

Here are just a few things in this update:

  • Additional Model Year 2024 Coverage
  • Increased vehicle Coverage on all tool types for the Next Generation of Rite- Sensor®
  • Added Vehicle Inspection to MMYs - including OBD Diagnostics & Test Sensors
  • Now includes Placard & OBD coverage for Chevrolet, Ford & more
  • Enhanced Diagnostic Trouble Codes & Data views
  • Added NTP Support
  • Ability to enable Daylight Savings on Second Generation Pro Series
  • Updated coverage for EZ-Sensor®, UVS Sensor® and Redi-Sensor®
  • Update 67.0 for Tech400Pro, Tech300Pro and Tech500 tools.
  • Update 7.0 for Tech600Pro, Tech550Pro, Tech450Pro and the TechRITEPro

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