TPMS Tools

Bartec has a range of products designed to meet the complete scope of requirements for diagnosing TPMS problems thereby limiting liability before repairing them.

TECH500 Tech400SD TECH200 TPMS PAD BXR Series


The tools can be used to: re-train or register new sensors with the vehicle ECU; rotate TPMS wheels and tires; ensure the correct replacement sensor is fitted; turn off the TPMS warning light and several other important functions. The product line includes:


The TECH500 is the Premier TPMS Tool! Based on the successful Tech400 range of tools, the TECH500 takes the TPMS repair process to the next level!

Bartec added Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to test intelligent [passive entry] key fobs! This tool is faster, easier to use, and more accurate than the competition!


Bartec announces the latest in Combination TPMS Tool Technology, the TECH400SD! Improving on Bartec’s widely used TPMS Diagnostic and Programming tool, the added features will certainly help Tire Shops and Repair Facilities build their success in TPMS!


The TECH200 is the TPMS Activation tool with a bit more. This revolutionary tool has wireless Bluetooth capability! Quickly and easily test TPMS sensors, and then wirelessly send the data to your PC or Bluetooth printer. The Tech200 is the perfect choice for the Total TPMS Process. Test Before you Touch is the best way to keep from inheriting existing TPMS problems!


The TPMS Programming Accessory Device [PAD] is designed to program the revolutionary replacement sensors This New Programming tool will help make your tire shop more efficient because as your shop gets busier with TPMS you will no doubt need multiple TPMS devices to be successful. Simply load the software on the PC or Laptop, connect the PAD to a PC or LAPTOP and program sensors! The PAD makes programming programmable sensors even easier and faster - and that will make you more successful in TPMS! In some cases two programmable sensors (one for 315 MHz and one for 433 MHz) will cover 90% of the TPMS replacement market.

BXR SeriesBXR Series

BXR Series of Plant tools comprises an extensive family of plant tools supplied by Bartec to over 70 car and wheel and tire plants worldwide. For full details of our range of plant tools contact our helpline. These tools include portable tools (BXR) with integral TPMS readers, barcode readers (for reading the VIN), and OBD connections for kline and CANbus. The tools can be rechargeable, battery powered, or cabled directly to mains power. More information of TPMS Tools can be found on the TPMS TPMS Tools website.

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