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Bartec TPMS Announces Tool Software Catch Up Promotion!

October 31, 2023

The Trusted Brand in TPMS Solutions, announces their latest promotion just in time for this year’s SEMA Show! The “TPMS Tool Software Catch Up – Don’t Gamble with Customer Safety!” is aimed at current Bartec TPMS customers and designed to encourage them to get their TPMS tools caught up.

Bartec TPMS Announces Tool Software Catch Up Promotion!

In conjunction with the Industry Initiative "Don't Wait - Update!" Bartec TPMS is proud to offer a very special promotion aimed at getting customer TPMS Tools Caught Up with current software! According to Bartec CEO Scot Holloway, "Updating your TPMS tool is the number one solution to the typical tech support call, especially when the technicians are using aftermarket replacement sensors. Additional vehicle and sensor coverage, new tool features and the occasional ‘bug fix’ are all part of the TPMS Tool Software update."

According to Bartec officials, this special deal offers the Bartec TPMS tool owner a lower cost limited access to their expired tool account in order to download the latest tool software. It does not matter how out of date the tool is, this one time catch up brings the tool current. As part of the SEMA Promotion, this particular software update comes with FIVE Rite-Sensors® as a bonus. Ed Jones, Bartec Sales Director states “the addition of five sensors to this offer makes this one-time update a ‘no-brainer,’ when the sensors are sold, it more than pays for the update!” The promotion is limited to one update offer per tool. If there are three tools requiring a catch up, three certificates will be required.

For more information, please call Bartec USA at (855)877-9732 or visit our website at

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