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Bartec USA Announces More Software Updates

April 9, 2021

Sterling Heights, MI [April 2021] – Bartec USA, the globally recognized leader in TPMS service, announces their next round of TPMS Tool updates. As always, Bartec focuses their efforts on developing innovation that helps the technician service more cars! Available in the coming days is software version 63 for the Tech400SD, Tech300Pro, Tech500 and Tech400Pro tools, software version 2.2 for the Tech450Pro and Tech600Pro, and version 8.0 for the TPMS Desktop!

Bartec USA Announces More Software Updates

In addition to again increasing the coverage for the market’s fastest growing replacement sensor, the Rite-Sensor®, Bartec also announces additional vehicle coverage as well as an update to the TPMS Desktop utility. According to Product Manager Matthew Hitchcock, “Bartec produces a minimum of four tool updates annually, making us the market leader when it comes to maintaining current coverage. Bartec is continually adding coverage for the most popular aftermarket sensors as well. That means more Rite-Sensor® Coverage, EZ-Sensor® Coverage, REDI-sensor® Coverage and Huf Intelisens® coverage for our range of TPMS tools!” For a complete description of what is in the latest update, click here.

For more than twenty years, the Global Bartec TPMS Team has continuously delivered more “first to market” innovation. Whether it be the revolutionary RITE-SYNC® process which forever changed sensor programming and vehicle relearns, to VINdicate® which automates TPMS tool set up, Bartec innovations solves problems and makes TPMS service easier for technicians. Bartec listens to customer feedback and turns it into better functioning tools and processes!

To get access to the latest tool software, simply log in to your current tool account at and download and install to your tool today!