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Bartec USA Software Release R62.3 Now Available

November 12, 2020

Bartec USA, the North American leader in OE TPMS Solutions, announces the release of their latest TPMS tool software update. According to Bartec’s C.E.O. Scot Holloway, “Software update 62.3 is our fourth update for the year for our range of TPMS tools and once again adds significant coverage for the Rite-Sensor®, adds model year 2021 coverage and increases our already industry leading OBDII capabilities!”

Release 62.3 includes additional OBDII coverage for Ford, GM and Mercedes vehicles as well as additional model year 2021 coverage. According to Product Manager Matthew Hitchcock “Bartec tools offer the most TPMS Relearns through the OBDII port, and in 62.3 we’ve added even more!”

Bartec USA Software Release R62.3 Now Available

As with every tool software release, Bartec is continuously developing aftermarket sensor coverage, as well as improving tool features and functions. Tool software development requires collating huge amounts of data from industry partners, developing the necessary code based on that data, then thoroughly testing, and vetting the solution before releasing to customers. Bartec is an OE based provider and understands the critical part that testing plays in developing and releasing software.