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Brand Management With Service Center

April 1, 2018

It's essential that every aspect of your service promotes the brand values that make your business unique. A professional and consistent approach to inspection reports, quotes and invoices is a big part of building trust and a long-term relationship with your customers. Service Center brings the data collected by our tools right out into your sales process with the most detailed and flexible presentation tools available today.

Brand Management With Service Center

Whether you are talking to your customer at the vehicle, in the waiting room, parking lot or at the front desk; you will always have a clear and powerful sales tool with our inspection reports. The Inspection Report is available right there on the tool display, in full color on the technician's tablet and in widescreen on your waiting room wall. You can print it directly from the tablet or from a PC or email it straight to your customer. You can SMS it straight to your customer's cellphone or tweet it to their Twitter account.