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How DO you Own the Wheel Well?

June 6, 2022

How DO you Own the Wheel Well?

Bartec USA can help by providing a complete solution for TPMS Service. From TPMS Tools to Technical Support, Bartec USA is the Brand You Can Trust! Partner with us and OWN THE WHEEL WELL!

TPMS Diagnostic Tools

1 - TPMS Diagnostic Tools

Having the rite TPMS tool is critical to providing excellent service! Accurate inspection and diagnostics means better information for your customers.

Bartec USA has a complete range of TPMS Tools, we have the rite one for your business!

See the entire line up here.

2 - TPMS Replacement Sensors

Having a replacement sensor that is flexible and easy to use is critical! The Rite-Sensor® has leading coverage and is the EASIEST solution available! The Rite-Sensor® works on over 98% of the vehicles in the market and covers all known sensor protocols. Rite-Sensor® is programmable which means managing inventory is easier than ever!

Learn more here.

TPMS Replacement Sensors
TPMS Sensor Service Kits

3 - TPMS Sensor Service Kits


According to most OE's and Service Associations, you should change the TPMS wear items EVERY time the tire is removed from the wheel. Bartec USA carries ALL the popular service kits!

Check them out here.

4 - Have the Necessary Supporting Tools

Working with TPMS sensors and service kits means having the proper torquing tools. Bartec offers a TPMS Service Tool Kit, plus other supporting tools like Tread Depth Readers and Tire Inflators.

Learn more here.

Have the Necessary Supporting Tools
Partner with the Rite Supplier

5 - Partner with the Rite Supplier

No TPMS Service plan is complete without the rite partner. Bartec USA is always there for you! We provide industry leading technical support along with our awesome range of products. Bartec's rich history in TPMS starts in the OE world and crosses over into the aftermarket. NO ONE is better positioned to help you OWN THE WHEEL WELL!

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