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Introducing TPMS Live Display

May 1, 2019

Know your tire pressure live all of the time with the newly launched TPMS Live Display kit from Bartec USA. The complete kit comes with Live Display Device, 12v USB Adapter and a Quick Start Guide. Works with your existing OE sensors and displays live tire pressure by location. Displays active tire temperature and stores multiple set of sensors and you can change the warning level to your preference.

Introducing TPMS Live Display

From the Main Menu you can access the six sub menus in order to set up your TPMS Live display. Pressure, Display, Tire Sets, Temperature, Vehicle Selection, and Position Change. Your TPMS Live comes factory set with U.S. settings for temperature [°F] and pressure [PSI], as well as display settings. For the purposes of setup, programming the sensors is what is necessary.