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New Product Showcase - Bartec USA Introduces the Tech450Pro

March 17, 2021

The Tech450Pro is a premier TPMS Scan Tool and serves as the DIRECT REPLACEMENT for the hugely popular Tech400Pro! This high-end tool offers many advanced features that will help your ability to service many more TPMS vehicles. From Full TPMS Service, Wi-Fi updating, inductive charging to the ability to adjust recommended inflation pressure settings [placard], like its predecessor the Tech400Pro, the Tech450 is a workhorse tool!

Bartec USA Introduces the Tech450Pro

Bartec designed the Tech450Pro to be a direct replacement so that our many large customers can smoothly transition into our latest hardware technology without disrupting current standard operating procedures and causing unnecessary training requirements. The Tech450 operates and functions just like the 400Pro, only on better hardware and with a bigger display!

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