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New TPMS Mechanical Tool Kit Launched

April 2, 2023

The TPMS Mechanical Tool Kit contains the necessary tools for dealing with the various TPMS fasteners. TPMS Sensors contain replaceable wear items and fasteners all requiring specific torque when assembling. Using the appropriate torque tool means having confidence in servicing TPMS Replacement parts. Find out more at

New TPMS Mechanical Tool Kit Launched

Complete proper installation of TPMS sensors and replacement service kits with the correct torque values. Allows for proper service of valve stems, valve cores, and valve nuts. Safely and easily remove grommets and O-rings that have been corroded or damaged. Correctly tighten the valve core on TPMS sensors to the preset torque. Prevents over-tightening. Designed to safely and easily remove rubber grommets from the stem of a TPMS sensor. Doubles as an installation tool by using the round hole to push on the new grommet.

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