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New USA & Canada TPMS Tool Promotions Announced

July 1, 2019

Bartec USA is pleased to announce TPMS Promotions for Q3 2019 Valid June 1 - September 30, 2019. There are five promotions in total covering the very best TPMS tools available in the market place. The promotions include the Tech400Pro, TPMS Tool Trade Up, Tech200Pro, TPG200 and the QST300 Tool. The Tech200Pro is the industry’s first ALL-IN-ONE tire inspection tool, combining the testing and measurement of tread depth, TPMS and tire pressure in a single, easy-to-operate tool.

New USA & Canada TPMS Tool Promotions Announced

The QST300 is the first tool of its kind that combines more than one function in to a single tool. The QST300 ships with that ability to service Battery Management Systems, Electronic Parking Brakes, and Oil Light Reset. The QST300 is flexible and additional add-on applications can be purchased. Add-on applications now available for the QST300 are: DTC Reading Steering Angle Reset, and Diesel Particulate Filter Resetting. Simply purchase the desired add-on, log in to the QST Suite, and enter the license number when prompted.