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R61.0 Bartec USA Software Release Now Available

January 1, 2020

Bartec USA has launched R61.0 tool update for the Tech400PRO, Tech300PRO, Tech500, and Tech400SD. This is the first release with RITE-SYNC®, a unique process for using Bartec’s RITE-SENSOR®. For further info on this release visit

R61.0 Bartec USA Software Release Now Available

All of this is available in the latest software release:

  • Bartec RITE-SENSOR® - RITE-SYNC® process
  • Identify Sensor: RITE-ID® Aftermarket Sensor Search
  • Test Sensors diagnostics for RITE-SENSOR®
  • Bartec RITE-SENSOR® coverage update
  • ALLIGATOR® TPMS Coverage
  • John Dow DVT Pro-Select Programmable Sensors Coverage
  • Hyundai-Kia OBD COMMS coverage
  • Ford OBD Diagnostics coverage
  • GM Placard Coverage
  • GM OBD COMMS Coverage
  • Land Rover COMMS Coverage
  • Toyota COMMS Coverage
  • Schrader EZ-sensor Coverage
  • Huf IntelliSens Coverage
  • QWIK SENSOR/Orange Universal TPM Sensor coverage