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Programming Fixture for Tech400+ and Tech400SD

INTERGRATED Programming Solution for CUB Style Aftermarket Sensors

Bartec, the first to delivery “At-The-Wheel” TPMS Sensor programming has again created another market leading solution. The Cub Programmer Adapter for the Tech400Plus / Tech400SD is the latest programming innovation from Bartec. Using the SAME Programming Fixture as the Tech500, the Tech400Plus / Tech400SD Adapter provides a seamless connection between the CUB Programming fixture and the Tech400SD tool.

When connected to a Tech400Plus or Tech400SD tool [with R52 or later installed] the end user can easily program and validate CUB style Sensors Smart Sensor, Multi-fit Sensor, and Uni-Sensor. The difference in programming function, with the Tech400Plus or Tech400SD, after programming, the validation step is completed by taking the sensor from the fixture and testing at the top of the tool.

Features of the Tech400Plus / Tech400SD Cub Programmer:

  • Integrated design, fit and function
  • Combines at-the-wheel programming with industry leading OBD function
  • Validates the programmed sensor PRIOR TO INSTALLATION
  • Intuitive and easy to use programming method
  • Works on all CUB variant sensors
  • All backed by the very best in class TPMS Technical Support team!

Target Customers:

Tire Shops, Automotive Repair Facilitates, Branded Auto Repair Companies, any automotive service company that services wheels and tires.

Top 3 benefits:

  • Validates the sensor according to the Bartec TPMS coverage data
  • Integrated design
  • Easy to operate

Programming Fixture for Tech400+ and Tech400SD

Kit Description

  • 1 – Branded Programming Fixture
  • 1 – Branded Tech400Plus/Tech400SD adaptor
  • 1 – Branded Quick Start Guide
Programming Fixture for Tech400+ and Tech400SD