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TPMS Promotions for Q1 & Q2 2024

January 1, 2024

We have three new promotions to kickstart the rest of the year for Q1 and Q2 2024, including TPMS Tool, Software and Sensor bundles. To view our TPMS promotions visit for more information and then contact our sales team or your local distributor.

TPMS Promotions for Q1 & Q2 2024

We have TPMS Software and Rite-Sensor bundles for the Tech550Pro TPMS with a Tool RiteSensor bundle and a Software/RiteSensor bundle. We have 1, 2 and 3 year software support deals with the industry leading TPMS sensor, the RiteSensor.The Tech550Pro works on more cars, is faster, and offers features and benefits to make your shop more efficient. Except for the traditional OBDII cable to the vehicle, the Tech550Pro is a wireless TPMS, wireless charging, wireless data transfer [Bluetooth] and wireless updating [WiFi].

The Tech550Pro was designed so that anyone in your tire shop or repair facility can use it! TPMS is hard enough, the service tool you use should be easy and intuitive. The Tech550Pro uses the Bartec Graphical Process Menu Flow. Start with TEST BEFORE YOU TOUCH and finish with the all-important RELEARN, and you have a job done, quickly and accurately. Find out more about these TPMS bundles at

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