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TPMS Promotions for Q3 & Q4 2024

July 1, 2024

We have three new promotions to kickstart the rest of the year for Q3 and Q4 2024, including TPMS Tool, Software and Sensor bundles. To view our TPMS promotions visit for more information and then contact our sales team or your local distributor.

TPMS Promotions for Q3 & Q4 2024

We have TPMS Software and Rite-Sensor bundle deals for 1, 2 and 3 year options. The Tech550Pro TPMS tool is offered in a RiteSensor bundle. The Tech600Pro is offered with 30 RiteSensors, a wall mounted charger and 5 years of software. We also have an industry leading bundle for the purchase of 120 RiteSensors with a free Tech600 Pro and 5 years of support. This is the very best deal available in North America.

The Tech600Pro is all about speed, accuracy, and ease of use with the specific purpose of helping tire businesses improve the bottom line! The wireless capabilities of the Tech600Pro make it the fastest TPMS tool available in North America! TPMS relearns take just seconds! Connect the wireless VCI to the OBDII port and in mere seconds the Make-Model-Year are detected and decoded and the tool is ready for action!

Because Bartec works with all Original Equipment and Major Programmable sensors in the market, our data is accurate and so are our tools. The Tech600Pro coverage is second to none! Fix more vehicles with the Tech600Pro! Combine our data with VINDicate®.

The TECH600Pro represents the very best in TPMS Technology for all levels of tire shop management. The graphical user interface makes the TECH600Pro very easy to learn and operate! Using RITE-SENSOR® and RITE-SYNC®, the TECH600Pro makes TPMS Service a breeze!. Find out more about these TPMS bundles at

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