Vehicle TPMS look-up

USA & Canada TPMS Trade Up Promotions Announced

July 1, 2021

Do you own one either a Tech400SD, Tech500, Tech300Pro or a Tech400Pro? If you do, it is time to trade up to the very latest in TPMS technology, the Tech600Pro. The Tech600Pro is all about speed, accuracy, and ease of use with the specific purpose of helping tire businesses improve the bottom line!

The wireless capabilities of the Tech600Pro make it the fastest TPMS tool available in North America! TPMS relearns take just seconds! Connect the wireless VCI to the OBDII port and in mere seconds the Make-Model-Year are detected and decoded and the tool is ready for action! Click the image to see our latest trade up promotion.

USA & Canada TPMS Trade Up Promotions Announced

What’s New?

  • Intuitive, icon-based menu flow
  • Includes English, French and Spanish
  • RITE-SYNC® Relearn/Sensor Process
  • TPMS Diagnostics through OBDII
  • Live Wi-Fi Tool Updating
  • VCI loss prevention warning system