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User Guides For PRO Series TPMS Tools Updated

May 1, 2020

Bartec USA offers the very best in TPMS Tool technology and we are proud to be offering industry leading Tire Shop systems for TPMS management. We have recently updated our user guides to include our latest features, including RITE-SYNC and the RITE-SENSOR. The user guide covers: Getting Started, Using Your Tool, Performing TPMS Services and Understanding The TPMS Service, all being complete with sensor activation features.

User Guides For PRO Series TPMS Tools Updated

The Tech400Pro is the mid range solution in Bartec’s Pro Series range of TPMS tools. Bartec delivers the same tried and true function our customers come to expect, but with the latest technology. The Tech400Pro works on more cars, is even faster, and offers features and benefits to make your shop more efficient. The Tech400Pro is wireless TPMS, wireless charging, wireless data transfer [Bluetooth], keyless entry testing and wireless updating [Wi-Fi]. The Tech400Pro was designed so that anyone in your tire shop or repair facility can use it! TPMS is hard enough, the service tool you use should be easy and intuitive. The Tech400Pro uses the Bartec Process Menu Flow. Start with TEST BEFORE YOU TOUCH and finish with the all-important RELEARN, and you have a job done, quickly and accurately.