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Bartec USA announces their latest software update!

October 1, 2018

Bartec USA, the North American leader in TPMS Diagnostic tools and solutions, announces the release of their latest TPMS tool software update. “Software update 58 will revolutionize TPMS service,” according to Bartec CEO Scot Holloway. “Bartec is the industry leader when it comes to offering tool features that help our customers become more efficient and profitable servicing TPMS,” Holloway continued.

Bartec USA announces their latest software update

Software update 58 is now available for download for your respective Bartec TPMS Tool. In order to download and install this update, make sure you are a current subscriber at

This newest version of software is packed with features and coverages that only Bartec TPMS Tools can offer. The available features depend on which Bartec tool you have and are clearly defined in the software release bulletins found by clicking the Tech Support icon found in Bartec’s TPMS Desktop. Most notable is VINdicate®, Bartec’s exclusive new fast and easy way to select the vehicle and retrieve TPMS fault codes in one simple step. Simply connect the Bartec Pro Series tool to the OBDII port and let the tool do the work! The VIN is detected and decoded, and with the make-model-year selected, the DTC’s are also detected and decoded. Now the technician has the basis for understanding what services are necessary, making quoting and selling TPMS much easier.

Bartec USA announces their latest software update

“Of course, all of this information is stored as collected, and is easily retrieved and displayed on informative inspection reports. Bartec’s goal is to make the TPMS diagnostic and service process so fast to complete and easy to explain that our customers will sell more TPMS parts and service” according to Michael Rose, Product Manager at Bartec USA.

Also in update 58 is additional placard coverage for the Tech400 Pro. Bartec tools use a secure method for adjusting the placard to prevent making the TPMS inoperative. Bartec understands the level of security and safety required when connecting to vehicle control modules, and as a result they build in rock solid processes that help technicians be successful while keeping their customers safe and protected. For a complete rundown of all that update 58 offers, download the release notes at

As usual, Bartec will post updated coverage charts on their website, specifically at Bartec’s TPMS coverage for OBD relearns, sensors covered and placard adjusting are second to none.